Girlcrush: Caroline Khoo

Hey, girls! Meet Caroline. She’s the girl behind Nectar and Stone. She has built this brand for only 4 short years, yet she accomplished so much. She gathered over 385k Instagram followers, published a book, and collaborated with Tiffany and Co, Dior, Christian Louboutin, and more. Today, we heard Nectar and Stone is fully booked until June.

We caught up her via email. We talked mainly about desserts! Let’s hear what she’s got to say.


What’s your favorite dessert?

My fav my would be macarons. I love the textures between the slightly crisp shell and lush center.

GirlCrush Nectar&Stone macaroon

GirlCrush Nectar&Stone macaroon2


How do you start building Nectar and Stone? Back then, did you always know what you want to do? What keeps you going?

I started building the brand back in 2013. I had a vision of what I wanted to brand to be and believe I have achieved that vision. I think I did know what I wanted to do with the brand and over the years I have added layers to it. Passion and love for being creative, also pushing boundaries keep me going.

GirlCrush Nectar&Stone plate


Your perfect work day would look like….

Perfect day first starts with coffee. After that, I like to do something creative to get my energy flowing. This may be drawing, painting, assembling some flowers. After that, I work on emails and see what orders I have on for the day.


How do you come up with fresh ideas?

My brain is constantly buzzing and I am a very visual person so I need to get out and about. I like to visit flower shops, fashion stores, photography books and getting out for walks.

GirlCrush Nectar&Stone donuts


What’s on your current playlist?


Where's your favorite coffee shop in Melbourne? Which menu do you recommend?

Mammoth - best coffee and the "Breakfast Ramen" is amazing.


Take a look at our collection. Which outfit do you like the most?

Loving the Tall Jumpsuit.

GirlCrush Nectar&Stone Tall Jumpsuit

GirlCrush Nectar&Stone Tall Jumpsuit 2


What’s your most challenging project so far?

My most challenging project so far has been working on my book. But the whole process was a joy also.

GirlCrush Nectar&Stone book2

GirlCrush Nectar&Stone book1


Your favorite works….

My favorite works would be anything donut, popsicle or macaron-related. 

GirlCrush Nectar&Stone plate2


Tell us something your followers don’t know about you

My followers may know that I am not a trained chef. Most people assume that I am, but I am self-taught.



Written by Helena Natasha

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