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Hi, girls!


Recently, we came across Chia’s calligraphies on Instagram. We love every one of it. As we scrolled, we learned that Chia has authored a book and teaches at a lot of workshops. Wow.

Girlcrush C for Calligraphy 4

One morning, we caught up with her. Here’s how it went:


What’s on your work playlist?

I listen to a lot of classical! Anything from Bach to Yo-Yo Ma.


What’s on your play playlist?

Play or when I run, I usually turn on Today’s top Hits on Spotify.


Girlcrush C for Calligraphy


What’s your favorite work so far?

My fave work would be this foiled quotes on friendship with crazy flourishes! In my calligraphy style, it is hard for me to stay simple, I love adding extra flourishes or bling to bring out my personality.

Why do you love it the most?

I love and believe the quote. 


On learning calligraphy from zero: where do we start?

You can start from IAMPETH.COM, download the worksheet and exemplary then grab your own kit from my shop and start doodling away.



Girlcrush C for Calligraphy 2

Any tips to improve our calligraphy?

Practice daily, focus on the basics and letterforms!


Girlcrush C for Calligraphy 3


What’s your favorite word and quote to draw?

I love to write about daily random facts and LOVE and FOOD!


Vintage or new?

I am a vintage girl


If you’d get to wear one color for the rest of your life, which color would you pick?



Take a look at our outfits on our web Which one is your favorite?

Wearstatuquo dresses are my favorite. They are fun and flirty. 

Fleur dress and Tall Jumpsuit are definitely on my wishlist this Summer!

Fleur Dress

GirlCrush Nectar&Stone Tall Jumpsuit


The best lesson you’ve ever learned…..

how to forgive


Written by Helena Natasha.

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