Girlcrush: Keshia Nathania

On a one fine day, we found Keshia Nathania’s Instagram profile (@bananalace) and our day just got finer. Her style is so cool that it seems effortless. #girlcrush


We had a fun girl-talk with Keshia. Here’s how it went!

(Her holiday styling tips are so on point <3)

3 small things that made you happy this week:

- just bought a new game for my Nintendo switch

- videos of my doggos which my mom sends to me every day

- having my braces off!!!!



What's on your playlist right now?

- My My My! by Troye Sivan

- Day 1 by Honne

- One Kiss by Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris

- Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra (because i love baby Groot waayyy too much!)

- Summer Bummer by Lana Del Rey

- Sober by Lorde


What’s your favorite place in Singapore?

Coney Island! Who knows that there’s something like that place in Singapore. I obviously spent waayy too much time on Orchard Road, so glad that I can explore to the other side of Singapore.



What’s your favorite cafe in Bali?

Mrs. Sippy! Never tried to jump on the pool tho, but I enjoy seeing a lot of people jump to the pool with many different styles (especially the failed ones :’) ).



The best concert you've watched:

Is it surprising to know that I’ve never been to any concert?

Mostly, I went to music festival rather than solo concert sihh


What's on your bucket list?

- go to Lana Del Rey’s concert!

- off to London pleaseeee!

- have a diving license

- bungee jumping!

- go watch Cirque du Soleil



If you have an unlimited resource, what kind of project/business would you create?

Make an animal shelter for sure!


What makes you different from the other fashion influencers?

People can have the same taste of style and I often find someone with the same taste of style-- just like me, but I think what makes it different: I dress to be myself, it can reveal the different personalities out of me.



According to you, what are the staple outfits every girl should have in her closet?

Denim! Denim jacket, denim pants, denim outer, anything with denim!



Any styling tips for the holidays?

- summer holiday: always put your bikini/swimwear under your summer dress/outfit! You never know when you’re going to swim, I mean, you’re going to see beach everywhere you go!

- any holiday: comfort is number one! Don’t ruin your holiday mood with outfits that are too uncomfortable or complicated.



Check out our collection at, which one would you love to wear?

Definitely every swimsuit that you have!



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