Girlcrush: Monica Tan

Meet Monica, the quirkiest girl boss in town. She co-founded Derai Studio with her husband and Syca with her best friend. Due to the nature of her job, she rarely stays in the same place for too long. She constantly travels, while managing to stay productive and stylish. 

We are so in love with her unique style.  She embraces trends and make it her own, staying true to her personality. 

A while ago, we caught up with her and she spilled a couple fashion and business advices. Here’s how it went:


Can you describe yourself in 3 words?



& Always Quirky



How's a day in a life of Monica Tan looks like? Do you have any routine? 

It’s usually hectic most of the time, but two things that I never miss even for a single day are my breakfast routine and bathroom time. Good ideas come from unexpected places.


How do you create your own style?

Creating your own style is like finding a true soulmate. Once you click with it, you’ll never let it go. 


Spotted: Monica Tan wearing Lover Dress 2.0


What's a fashion item that never fails you?

Boxy blazer is everythingg..



What are fashion staples every girl should have in their wardrobes?

The more outers you have, the easier your life will be.


Spotted: Monica Tan wearing Saint Germain Jacket 


What do you love about your projects, Derai Studio and Syca? Anything exciting happening soon? 

It challenges me to think further and beyond. We are opening a new home for our syca team, so wish us luck.  


Any tips on working with your loved ones? 



Spotted: Monica Tan wearing Love Lace 2.0 Slip Dress. 


If you could turn back time and talk to yourself (who's about to start a business), what would you say?

I would tell her to be aware of 2020, because corona virus is coming! Lol. Jk. 

I would say to her to just take things slowly, one step at a time. 


You always work with your phone no matter where you're at, how do you stay productive? 

My phone is like my working desk . Everything I do, I do it with my phone.


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Girlboss Outer! ????



Interview is prepared by Helena Natasha.

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