Girlcrush: Nadin Amizah

If you’re familiar with Indonesian art scene, you’d definitely heard about Nadin Amizah. She, with her soft voice and distinctive ethereal style, is very hard to miss.


Her song, Sorai, is airing everywhere:


Here’s her newest single, Seperti Tulang. She just released the music video today:


Not long ago, we caught up with her, talking about her muse, music, and more. Here’s how it went:



What's your current addiction?

My current addiction is Starbucks’ Vanilla Frappuccino. Funny that I have spent 19 years of my life not going to Starbucks because I don’t really fancy drinking drinks other than mineral (water). Mind you, I’ve never had any other beverages from other stores too. Cue to three months ago when I had a meeting at Starbucks and decided to try the Vanilla Frappuccino. I scolded myself internally for not trying it out sooner.



One concert/ music festival you never forget..

Hyukoh’s live in Jakarta.


Your all time favorite song..

Learning Curves by Sleeping At Last


Who's your role model? What is the most valuable thing you learn from her/him?

My mother. Every wisdom and value I have right now in my life were taught by her.



What are the things that inspire you?

The sky, tall buildings, people-watching, and people-observing



If you could speak to every girl who wants to go after their passion (like you) but too afraid to do so, what would you tell them? 

“The best things in life are the scariest to approach. Do it anyway”


Niki from 88Rising said she'd love to collaborate with you (in one of her interviews). 

Will we see it happening anytime soon? *fingers crossed 

There are a lot of barriers regarding the country where we’re currently living in and the major label that she’s signed under. Pretty sure 88 wouldn’t like seeing their queen to be collaborating with a peasant like me????


If you could perform anywhere in the world with anyone you want (dead or alive), where would you perform and with who would you perform with?

I would love to perform in all of the cities my country has. There are no specific person I would bring to this tour but I’d love it if my family could join and we’ll have a fun family-slash-singing tour together



You have a really great style. ? Any advice for girls who are trying to create their own style?

References don’t always have to be from an influencer or someone you see from instagram. Take it from someone who go through so many fairytales comic just to find a cute references????



Check out our collection. Which outfits would you love to wear?

I would match the nude Positano Maxi Dress with Moon River Earrings or La Nuit Dress with Moon & Sun Necklace.





Interviewed by Helena Natasha.

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