Girlcrush: Neonomora

A while ago, we caught up with Neonomora, a super talented Indonesian singer you might saw at We The Fest, Soundrenaline, and even LA and England. You must’ve heard her hit single “You Want My Love” somewhere or if not, you should listen, it’s amazing.   


Anway, we talked about her life and dreams. It’s pretty interesting and inspiring.


What is your all-time favorite song?

Where Do I Begin by Shirley Bassey


The most memorable music concert you watched...

Bon Iver concert in Singapore last year was the most undeniably heart-wrenching concert I’ve ever been to.


What does touring abroad feels like?

Touring abroad was both life-changing and also exhausting. I had to form 2 bands; one in the US and one in the UK for the performances, therefore I had to sort of adjust myself to their way of working. Was happy that I’ve gotten to know these local musos from two different continents, but then again, since it’s music, we ought to be connected on a deeper level to vibe out a performance that would feel natural and soulful, and that takes time, we only had 3 rehearsals to dig into the setlist and at the same time to get to know each other for each performance. Basically, it’s a bloody hard work, but at the end, it’s paid off well.


What is your favorite song to sing live?

‘Be Still, My Soul’ is currently my favorite.


If you can pick any singer, dead or alive, to collaborate with, who would you choose?

Michael Jackson, a hundred and eleven percent.


Do you always know that you want to be a singer?

I reckon I always have. I have a fond memory of this one childhood scene when I was about 3 y/o. The playgroup kids had to sing in front of the class, one by one. I couldn’t wait for my turn. When it came to my turn I  rushed to the front and just sang my heart out as if I was a pro and as if the classroom was a ball.

 Girlcrush - Neonomora 4


Can you share us your self-discovery journey?

My self-discovery in terms of singing? I think it always comes to how I was brought up and raised. I was raised in different places throughout my life; US, China, Taiwan and Australia that are. And I traveled a lot, even when traveling wasn’t a thing back then. It helped me discover music from different parts of the world and I felt the urge to embrace them all and wrap them all in one through the music and artwork I was going to make. Each country leaves a significant finesse in terms of artistry and vision as to what aspires me to write and produce my pieces. I think that also enriched me as an artist myself and that led me to know which way I had to go for my music.


Other than singing and songwriting, do you ever wish to explore something else, like directing?

I’m into all things creative and expressive. I love graphic design and branding design. In fact, I created my own Neonomora logo, and sometimes, not long ago, if I had the time, I‘d be designing Neonomora’s promotional tools e.g. posters, flyers, etc. And oh yes, I directed some of the videos I made. It’s all because I have it all in my vision of what kind of artwork I wanted to present.




Do you have any advice for Indonesians who are trying to make it in the music industry?

I would say, and I don’t mean to preach, but try to rely on yourselves, to begin with, anyone else should come second. Having a good voice and/or good music is just one thing, you must endure the hard work on the creative side. Begin with asking yourselves of what you are aspired to be as a musician and work on that primarily. It may seem easy with the technology and social media these days to get discovered, but the competition as well becomes harder, as there are growing numbers of DIY celebrities, therefore it becomes harder to pull the trigger. But if you think you’re doing the right thing, everything will fall into place, in time.

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Take a look at our web (, which outfits would you love to wear on and off stage?

I would go for a ‘Cape a Whip Dress’, ‘Lover Dress’ or ‘Broadway Dress’ for a ball event. I’d combine either ‘Shades of Black Tank’ / ‘Shape of Me Monokini’ / ‘Brave Cuts Bikini’ with ‘Wearstatuquo Basic Long Cardigan’ in black and Ubud pants in white or black for a stage performance. Or if required, I’d wear something as grande as ‘That Emoticon Dress’ like I did last weekend!

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Written by Helena Natasha.

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