Girlcrush: Nicoline Patricia Malina

Meet Nicoline Patricia Malina. She’s a fashion photographer. She has a killer feed and an amazing portfolio (she shot for Bazaar and presented her works in exhibitions).


We had a little chit chat with her. It was fun. Here’s how it went:

What's your favorite coffee shop? Which menu do you recommend?

Jakarta Coffee House because it's right next to my office! I love the avocado blended latte.

Girlcrush NP Malina 4


Is there any place in Indonesia that inspire you?

Bali is my endless source of inspiration. I love the collection inside Puri Lukisan Ubud.

Girlcrush NP Malina 7


If you could travel to only one place for the rest of your life, where would you pick?


Girlcrush NP Malina 1


Top 5 places on your bucket-list...

Iceland, Mongolia, Peru, Alberta, Papua (Wamena).

Girlcrush NP Malina 6


Do you have tips for packing?

Roll your clothes and only bring items of clothing that you can at least wear twice.


The best camera to bring while traveling...

Sony RX1Rii.

Girlcrush NP Malina 2


The best traveling tip you've heard so far...

Never rush your schedule, the city is not going anywhere.

Girlcrush NP Malina 3


What's your hidden talent?

This might not be considered a talent, but I know people who envy me for this... I can doze off right after i fasten my seatbelt on long flights. :D

Girlcrush NP Malina 5


What's being a photographer really like?

Just like every other job... it's fun, tiring, happy, stressful and it really requires you to be flexible. The biggest difference is probably we just look cooler with our camera.



Take a look at our collection, which one is your favorite?

The white oversized tee.

Oversized white tee


Written by Helena Natasha.

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