Girlcrush: Olivia Jensen

Olivia Jensen is more than a gorgeous babe who grace your screens. She’s a talented actress with an incredibly long list of filmography, a wife, and a working mom.  Beneath all those hustle bustle, she managed a healthy lifestyle. Such an inspiration. 



A while ago, we had a quick convo on her healthy lifestyle. Her answers are realistic and easy to follow. Now, we have no excuse not to live healthier. 


Here’s how the talk went:


What are you up to right now? Any hobby/project you'd like to talk about?

My current project is a web series. Right now, I’m also doing my fit journey.



What's your current addiction?

Funny to know: I love having cold shower in the morning. 


Do you have a daily routine?

Every morning, I try to do something that grounds my attention towards the day, either meditation or yoga. And then, I eat my breakfast to kick start a good day!



What's your go-to healthy breakfast?

Fruits! Usually, I always change my breakfast so I won’t get bored, but when I get really busy, what’s always there for me is a bowl of fruits.



According to you, the most fun exercise..

would be dancing! Most exercises work on muscles and it tends to be boring. Dancing, on the other hand, you never see someone who dance and not happy. Dancing always makes people happy.



What are the basic things every girl in their 20s should have in their wardrobes? 

Good pairs of jeans, blazers, shorts, a white t-shirt, a pair of sneakers, a small bag, and workout attire. Have fun and play around with them.



What motivates to to start living healthy? 

Actually, my parents. They give me an example how to live a healthy lifestyle. That’s how it’s started.


What's the best advice you've ever heard?

Enjoy every moment because time is really precious. 


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