Girlcrush: Patricia Gouw

Meet Patricia Gouw, a model, a presenter, and our girlcrush. If you're a pro at scrolling your Instagram feed or if you're religiously watching Asia's Next Top Model, you must've spotted this gorgeous babe and fell for her fun personality.    


Sooner than later, we found out that we have the same taste, so we teamed up with her to create a collection. During our prep, we couldn't help but admire her drive and her positivity. We had a little chat about fashion and work. Here's how it went down:


Top 3 things you do to treat yourself this month?

- Sleep. Lots of it.

- Hair treatments.

- Late-night massage sessions!


The most fun self-love quote ever....

"You're not fat, you're just easier to see. You're not flat, you just stop growing."



How do you keep up with your hectic schedule and still have me-time?

Think positive! Hectic schedule, even though it's tiring, it also means I'm trusted with a lot of jobs. In a way, it's a blessing. That's how I think.

No matter how crazy it gets, I ALWAYS squeeze some time for myself. Usually, I treat my hair, window-shop furniture, and meet up with my closest family/friends. Soooooo relaxing.


How do you keep your job fun?

Look from another perspective: think positive.



"Do what you love" or "love what you do"?

Love what you do.


The best advice you've ever heard?

"I am in competition with no-one. I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone. I am simply trying to be the better person than I was yesterday."



What's your secret in taking a great OOTD pic?

Two secrets, exactly. Outdoor and golden hour. Very hard to find in Jakarta.


Any style advice?

Know where and what to wear. Most importantly, be comfortable with what you wear.



What do you love about our collection #patgouwXwsq?

They’re very stylish and comfortable! Soooo perfect, especially for the holidays.


Browse the collection here.

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