Girlcrush: Patricia Stephanie

If you could follow only one influencer on Instagram, you should REALLY consider following @patriciastephanie. In the world of filters and highlights, she remains authentic. She means what she says. Also, she's generous in sharing the things she learned along the way. That makes her relatable and loveable.  


These past few months, we've prepared a collection together. Between meetings, we had a little conversation. Here's how it went:


Describe yourself in 3 words...

Antisocial, dyslexic, terrible multitasker


What’s your daily routine like?

Mungkin karena dyslexic, aku jadi susah untuk follow any routine.

I really don't know if I have any (routine). Apalagi dengan cukup banyak meeting, aku mobile, jadi semua tergantung dari schedule meeting hari itu..

In my normal day, aku bangun cukup siang sekitar jam 8 - 9. Terus aku cek portofolioku, kemudian siap-siap like a woman should do everyday (with skincare and make-up). Setelah itu, aku cek production schedule and check on new samples.

Aku biasa atur semua meeting dimulai dari jam 2 supaya aku setidaknya ada waktu cukup untuk menyelesaikan pekerjaanku di workshop terlebih dahulu.

Biasa aku pulang menjelang malam, mandi, baca buku/berita or nonton youtube :)


If you didn’t choose to be a designer, what projects are you doing right now?

Full time housewife sounds good.


How do you overcome your creative block?

Alone time always does the trick:  sendirian makan di resto (fancy if you have too), sendirian cari cafe yg super sepi, bawa earphone + buku buat coret2. HP with strong wifi is mandatory too... No hubby, no friend and no one to entertain..




Do you always know what you’re doing?

I don't know what I'm doing most of the time.


In the world of social media, how can we be authentic?

By being ourselves.. It sounds simple but very hard to do.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard?

To be patient, life is not a race.

Everything happens for a reason.




Who is your role model?

Terlalu banyak untuk di sebut, karena terlalu banyak orang yg inspire aku setiap hari. Aku inspired by people whose book I read religiously, whose their youtube contents I watched every night, or simply someone  I met everyday or just once whom aku banyak belajar dan punya pandangan baru tentang hidup.


If you have the chance to talk to every girl in the world, what do you want to say?

Be patient, be humble. Being a bit insecure is always better than being overconfident. Know that everything happened for a reason. Everything happened on its timing—not too late, not too early. We're pretty much on time.


Choosing from our upcoming collaboration collection, which outfit is your personal favorite?

All of them is my fave! Otherwise, it will not make it to the collection..

Questions are prepared by Helena Natasha.

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