Girlcrush : Rachel Ajeng

Hi, girls!


Meet Rachel Ajeng. She’s one of our favorite illustrators and she’s so sweet. Lately, we had a little chit chat about her art, her favorite things, and a couple random things. Here’s how it went:

Girlcrush-Rachel Ajeng1

What's always in your bag?

A mini wallet, a handphone, and a lipstick.

Girlcrush-Rachel Ajeng2

Must-go creative gatherings, according to you...

The gatherings which involve a lot of inspiring & humble professionals from different industries,

like the ones @kokken_id hosts.

Your all time favorite song...

So Close by Jon Mclaughlin

Girlcrush-Rachel Ajeng5

Who is your favorite illustrator?

I don't think I could just mention one, so I'll just list them all.

My favorite are Agnes Cecile, Valerie Chua, Brigitte May, and Paula Bonet..and Walt Disney!

Girlcrush-Rachel Ajeng4

If you could pick anyone (dead or alive) to collaborate with, who would it be?

This one is so easy. Walt Disney. (I'm not sure he would need something from me. LOL)

Can you tell us abour your favorite work? Why is it your fave?

A watercolor batik I did for my college final project. I think it's my fave because unlike the others,

I spent half a year alone to create it..from scratch. I struggled and cried a lot in the process but thankfully it's done just in time.

Girlcrush-Rachel Ajeng3

Do you always know that you want to be an illustrator?

No, I don't. I used to think that I would be a full-time graphic designer (it was my major back in college).

I’m blessed to have known this illustration world later on and found my true passion in creating illustrations.

If you could time travel and meet your 20-years-old self, what would you say to her?

I would tell her to stop comparing herself to others, whether in appearance, achievement, or anything. I would tell her to stop worrying over little things ‘cos she'd be having a real bad stomach condition due to stress later. I would tell her to take some time to really see that she is doing just fine and be less controlling towards things happening in her own life.


Take a look at our collection, which outfit do you love the most?

Wearstatuquo basic off-shoulder crop top in black would be my pick.

Girlcrush-Rachel Ajeng6

Can you tell us a little about your next project which gets you excited?

I'm so excited to start a brand! I have been preparing to do so for quite a while. I will produce some merchandise with my own illustrations. I have so many ideas and already asked a lot of talented, amazing people to collaborate with me on this project. Just thinking about working with them creating magic together makes me thrilled. So please wish me luck!


Written by Helena Natasha.

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