Girlcrush: Rachel Theresia

A girl-talk is a cure for everything blue. Recently, we had ours with the fun Rachel Theresia. If you love scrolling down your Instagram feed, you must’ve stumbled upon her a lot. She’s known for her personal style and her relatable Instastory.


Anyway, here’s a recap of our talk:



What are you currently addicted to? 

I’m addicted to travel, Netflix, and sheet masks.



You've been traveling a lot. What's your favorite place to travel? 

My forever favorite places are Komodo Island and Tokyo.



Where does everyone need to travel to at least once in their lifetime? 

It depends on their own purpose and taste of traveling.


Can you share us a favorite travel memory? 

Well, last January, I went to India for my birthday trip. I went glamping at a gorgeous resort in Rajasthan, visited Tiger’s park and Ranthambore Fort. 

The culture that I learned, and the unique places that I went—I don’t know how to describe them all but all of them were really new and fun experiences for me.



What's your favorite spot to hang out in Jakarta? Do you have any recommendations? 

If you wanna chill, talk, and eat good food, I would recommend Yellowfin, Daitokyo, and Sake+ (I looove Japanese food).


If you're given a chance to pick a role for any movie, what movie would it be and what role would you play? 

I just watched the Umbrella Academy.. I would take Allison’s role.


A future project you're excited about..... 

ssttt you know what I excited about.


Can you share us a few beauty hacks? 

Sheet masks are the key! You’ll thank me later.


According to your opinion, what does every girl should have in her wardrobe? 

Basic pieces for every basic color.



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