Girlcrush: Sharon Loh

Meet Sharon Loh. She loves traveling so much that she quits her full-time job to be a full-time travel blogger.

A while ago, we caught up with her. She tells us a few pointers on traveling across Indonesia and more. Here’s how it went:

What’s the first thing you do when you’re planning a vacation?

Find out about the public transportation system! I always get nervous when traveling and that’s mainly because I’m afraid of not being able to get out of the airport.



We’re looking for amazing places for our holiday getaway in Indonesia. What do you have in mind?

There are not many places I’ve been in Indonesia, but I do love Yogyakarta for its friendly people and cheap tasty food. Great vibes!


You can say that people haven’t really been in Bali if they haven’t taste…..(your favorite foods in Bali)…

Babi guling and kerang bakar! Oddly, I’ve never found kerang bakar at any other places before.



What are the best places to take pictures in Bali?

I love Gunung Payung and Nyang Nyang Beach. It feels a little bit secluded there, but if you are willing to take a short boat ride from the main Bali island, Nusa Penida is a great place to go!



You’ve traveled quite a lot. What is the most surprising thing you found during traveling?

Deep inside, everyone is actually the same! No matter what race he/she is or which country he/she is from.



Can you share your travel playlist?

The Beatles! Three of my most favorites songs are “Here Comes The Sun”, “I Will”, and “All My Loving”.


What is your favorite memory?

3 weeks road trip in Australia. We slept in a campervan, saw the milky way, met so many wild animals, and showered once in two days. Haha!



Which travel Instagrammer is your girl crush?

Easy! @mvandersluis. I love the way she takes and edits her travel photos.


What’s your advice to people who wish to travel all the time but can’t seem to find the time?

If you don’t have all the time, you still have your spare time to travel. Use it wisely. Not all full-time traveler that you see on social media are constantly traveling, sometimes they settle in a place and do their works, who knows? Instagram doesn’t show the ugly parts of life.



Take a look on our website, which outfit(s) would you want to bring to your next travel?

The brown Ubud Pants paired with the black Basic Halter Top.

 Ubud PantsBasic Halter Top


By Helena Natasha.

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