Girlcrush: Tania Lita Devi

Meet Tania Lita Devi. She’s our friend from Bali. She loves traveling around the island and taking pictures.


We caught up with her a while ago. Here it went:


Girlcrush-Tania 5

What’s always in your travel bag?

A camera, a pair of sunnies, my makeup kit, my phone, and my phone’s charger.


Girlcrush-Tania 3

Are you a beach girl or a city girl?

Beach girl, of course.


Can you share with us a couple hidden gems from Bali?

I love beaches so much! So, I’m going to share you my favorite hidden beaches in Bali: Thomas Beach, Nyanyi Beach, and Nyang-Nyang Beach.


Your favorite cafes in Bali?

Mrs. Sippy, Panama Kitchen & Pool, and Nook.


Have you done any solo traveling? If so, do you have any tips? If not why not?

Not yet. I think holiday’s more fun if our friends tag along. But, someday, if there’s a chance to solo travel, I won’t say no. I think traveling solo is going to be a great experience as well!


Girlcrush-Tania 2

If you could pick anyone to travel with, who would that be?

My little sibling! We have the same taste, the same craziness, and the same love of taking pictures.


Girlcrush- Tania 4

Any tips for taking great pictures on vacation spots?

  1. Sunlight is important!
  2. A few days before you come to the spot, make time to google interesting photo-taking spots there, so you won’t waste more time there.
  3. Experiment with the angle. Sometimes, more angles can make your pictures more interesting.
  4. Your outfit is important. Make sure you match your outfit with your vacation spot.


Which country is on your bucket-list?



Any sunburn relief hack?

After an entire day of being exposed to the sun, try applying your sunburnt area with a mix of cucumber, bengkoang, and honey. To get the fresh sensation and cooling relief, try put the mixture in your refrigerator for 1 hour or more.


Girlcrush- Tania 6

Take a look at our collection, which one is on your wish list? :)

  1. Les Vacanses Jumpsuit
  2. Bride Swimsuit
  3. Shell it Pearls Bikini


Girlcrush-Tania 1

Staple outfits you always wear on your holidays?

Summer dresses or anything comfortable, a pair of sunnies, and a hat (no more bad hair day look on photo :p ).



Written by Helena Natasha.

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