Girltalk: Getting Busy?

Not being negative like that toxic friend you’re trying to avoid, we just found something that will definitely help you be so productive that you have so much time to do other important things for yourself (like that delayed Santorini trip).


Ok. Here’s how:


Work only when you feel like it.

How do you feel on mornings and nights? Do you usually get more work done during those times? Do you feel like you can’t do anything after lunch? Pay attention to your energy throughout the day. Everybody’s energy clock is different.

It makes sense to do the hard work only at your high-energy times.


Don’t feel guilty when you don’t work.

When you’re tired af, you’d get little work done in a long time and kept thinking what you’ll order for dinner. Why would you do that to yourself?

During these times, do work that requires as little energy as possible, like replying emails or do simple research (ex: Instagram scrolling, then really deciding what you’ll eat at dinner). Avoid scheduling important meetings during these times.


Do only the important things.

After working for quite a while, you’d notice which activities bring in more results. Those are usually the activities you’re trying to avoid doing. They’re the 20% work which brings the 80% of the result. Focus on these important activities during your high-energy time. That’s it.


Just say no.

Along the way, there might be other “side projects” (read: distractions that get you little results). If you’re in for like a day or two, that’s ok. However, if you insist to keep doing those, your mind would get scattered. It’s impossible to focus on a lot of things at once. Maybe you’d get everything done, but none of them would be your best work. Saying a simple no would avoid them all.


Written by Helena Natasha.

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