How Shopping Makes a Difference

What matters the most to you?

Your family or your dreams?

…what if both are taken away from you?

These children lost both.


“These children live here because their mother and/or their father passed away. Some of them still have parents, but their economic condition are so weak that they decided to send their children here in Solandres Orphanage,” Sister Anastasia told us, “We are trying to make them feel like they are a part of a family. We become their family.”


Although finding love and friendship in the orphanage, Father Francis shared that the goal is for the children to grow independent, having a tough spirit, so that when they graduate, they can find their way into the real world and reach their farthest dreams.


“I believe that counseling and education are the keys that will guide them and build them a strong sense of self,” said Father Francis.


“For that, we needed around IDR 26,800,000 per year. We rely on the profits from our small cake business and the support from donation,” said Sister Anastasia.

Anyway, we have the solution: shopping. Once, we heard from a movie in which the main character said, “when you shop, the world gets so much better.”


That’s true for you in this December, because 10% of our proceed goes to the little girls’ education and counseling funding.


By shopping, not only you do good, you also look good and feel good…


….because even one outfit makes a difference.


It saves those little girls and makes their lives full of hope and dreams come true.


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