How to Answer Kaypoh Questions

Tis' the meetup season. It's good seeing friendly faces after all these time. However, we can't avoid getting asked these kaypoh questions that seems too personal (and, to be honest, you don't know the answer yet).

The questions we all avoided: "Do you have a boyfriend?" "What's your job? Why don't you work in the office like your dad?" "When are you getting married?" "When are you going to give your parents a grandchild? They're not getting any younger." "Why don't you have kids? Having kids are everything." "When will your kid get another sibling?"

The list goes on and on.

The biggest mistake we can make is answering us with our own views which would spark a debate. Nothing we can say will undo centuries of tradition. 


If you want to avoid speeches, answer with: "It's in my prayers," or "Please pray for me."

Guaranteed, this will silence almost everyone, no matter the religious status (a believer or an atheist). By saying this, it implies that you agree with them and you are working to achieve that goal. This way, you won't have to hear them tell you things you already know). 


If you genuinely want to hear a way out (something positive and constructive), answer with another question, "How can I do that?"

Everyone loves being asked for advices. It makes them feel special. 


That's it. Now that you know how to dodge a bullet, you're ready for those (sometimes kaypoh but much-needed) meetups.

Oh, and one more thing: don't let those questions get you down. What people say says more about them than about you. There's nothing wrong with you. Everyone, including you, live in your own timeline.

Happy holidays! 

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