How To Start a (Travel) Blog

Traveling around beautiful places, taking lots of beautiful photos, and getting paid.

Who wouldn’t want that?


We are not travel bloggers. We’re not the right persons to give you advice. So, we read a few bloggers’ origin stories from the net and gathered a few advice from some bloggers we’ve interviewed before.


Hope these help:



Elxi Elvina wrote on her blog, “I still clearly remember the first time I did that OOTD picture using only my iPhone camera in the campus’ parking lot. I was actually helping a friend out (she used to write a blog), and at some point, she said, “Let me take a picture of you!”



Lauren Bullen (@gypsealust on Instagram) said, “I taught myself how to use a camera and edit the photos.”

You’ll find a lot of tutorials on Youtube, showing how to take and edit pictures.


Courses we found interesting:

- Udemy’s photography course

- The Blogcademy


“A tip would be to be persistent at it as it will take time, but use that time to progress and develop your skills,” said Ellie Bullen (@elsas_wholsomelife on Instagram).




At first, Lauren Bullen (@gypsealust on Instagram) moved up to Cairns, a photogenic area in Australia. We don’t tell you to move to Bali or the Bahamas. It’s good if you’re brave enough to do the same. But, every blogger’s action seems to go all out.

Beforehand, google your vacation place so you can plan your outfit beforehand, “Your outfit is important. Make sure you match your outfit with your vacation spot,” said Tania Lita Devi (@Tanialitadevi on Instagram).

Lauren and her boyfriend Jack Morris (@doyoutravel on Instagram) woke up early and shoot one hour after sunrise. “Busy locations don't tend to be as busy at this time of day.”

Afterwards, when editing the pictures, Jack doesn’t use Instagram filters. He went through the long way, “I edit all my photos in the same kind of style with my own Lightroom presets so I guess they all look somewhat similar because of that.”

“I also look at the grid and try to plan the next image to make sure it works well with the rest of my recent feed.” We found an app called UNUM, it helps you to organize your Instagram feed. Download it for free here.




"Everyone wants to succeed in this (type of business). To actually stand out, you've got to be able to stand out; have a point of difference. Don't go by following or likes. People can see through that. Be authentic, be real and be yourself," said Lauren Bullen.

“We try to create situations that are authentic based around what we do. For example, Lauren and I woke up in a tree house surrounded by nature this morning and I posted it. Basically, we are showing people what we do in a way of art. Every photo we post is real,” said Jack Morris, “I only promote or post about the things I truly like or believe in, which is very important to me and why my posts resonate with so many.”

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