Island Getwat Packing: 5 Things You’d Hate To Forget

Island Gateway Packing: 5 Things You’d Hate to Forget  


Ever feel like you’re forgetting something?


The feeling’d be so intense that scrambled your tote to check. Passport: here. Tickets: also here. Camera: yep. Waterproof eyeliner: check. Everything seemed to be packed.


However, the itchy feeling still haunts on your drive to airport, your boarding queue, your magazine read before landing—you just can’t wait to go over your luggage at the hotel. Infuriating, we understand.

Therefore, we made a list of things to remember 3 days before you catch your plane:


  1. Summer dresses. The best thing about island vacation: it’s your excuse to dress like it’s Coachella everyday. That insanely deep cut mini dress you usually cover with outer in cafe hangouts would be your go-to piece.


  1. Beach cafe appropriate footwear which still slays after 3 long sandy strolls, because right after you let the waves wash the sand off our feet, you’re strolling straight to that cafe you discovered on Cereal.


  1. Underwear. Fatal to forget.


  1. Sleepwear. At times, we’re too excited to throw our best beach outfits to our luggages that forget to pack sleepwear. Remembering those late night tosses and turns in cold hotel sheets still make us cringe. The next day was horrendous—don’t mention the sleep deprived feeling and the extra concealer on our eye bags. Lesson learnt: mind the sleepwears.


  1. Sunscreen. As soon as you see the sapphire glitter on the sea, you’d love to dash to the waves, not the nearest convenience store to buy sunblock since the sun is literally burning your skin. So, in case you forget to apply sunscreen in the morning, it’s best to keep a mini sunscreen in your tote. We definitely love the clarins sunblock or the korean innisfree SPF 50+

 Enjoy your trip!

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