Lazy Girls Tricks: Self Defense

We don’t really read the news. Lately, we kept hearing about riots and serious crimes from our moms and friends. That’s bad, right?


We feel, “That’s not going to happen to us.” But, girls, I can assure you, every victim felt the same way before. So, just in case, we’re going to share you a few tips that don’t require us to go to any class.


Before you read any of the tricks below, please keep this in mind. “If you’re in trouble, run. If they ask for your money, give them. If they ask for more, it’s your time to act,” said a friend who actually go to self-defense classes, “this is the most important thing. My sensei (teacher) always stressed this to us.”


Read on. These tricks might save your life someday.



Get creative with everyday objects. Everything is a weapon.

 selfdefense 2

Spray your perfume to their eyes

then run. Pepper spray is better. But, desperate times call for desperate measures.

 selfdefense 3

Grab your keys like Wolverine.

Think of your knuckle as a knock-off version of Wolverine. Slip your keys between your fingers before you punch their vulnerable points.



Remember their vulnerable points.

Eyes. Temples. Throats. Groins. The little area below the stomach.



Hit fast. Don’t hesitate.

They might realize what you’re up to if you’re not sure with your moves.



Learn the right way to punch and kick.

If you don’t, your assault might be powerless.



Share this to your girls!


Written by Helena Natasha.

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