Moving On 101

If you're clicking this article, you probably just got out from a relationship or a job. Something you've worked so hard on isn't working out. 
All your friends are telling you that you're going to do great things/ find someone better. You are trying to believe them. However, deep down, you are doubting them.
Feeling all those feelings are normal. It's totally human to not be able to see the bright side immediately. It's is okay to want to be in your room and not get out for sometime. 
If you still feel the urges to call him or to revisit of what you should've done, do it, even if your best friends tell you not to. You might still see future possibilities if you go down this path. If these desires are ignored, these things will become your future what ifs. 
Let's say you are choosing to act on those desires, eventually you'll see that it is impossible to (not) get down these roads. You'll realize what's best for you. Your decision to move on (or to continue) will be clearer. 
It's a long journey. This might take more than a weekend. Some things just take time. We can't rush things.
When this phase is over, you'll start to feel like you're ready for what's coming next.  It's time to do the things you've always wanted to do but never got the chance to.
The options are limitless: travel to somewhere new, go to a makeup class, join artsy workshops, start a business, and more. Invest more time for yourself and before you know it, you'd start to have a great relationship with yourself. This would be the best feeling ever. 
Once you get everything together, there would be this magnetic single babe energy. LOL. This sounds silly, but it's real. 
Those men and money will line up automatically. 
For now... Take baby steps. You might take one step forward and fall back 2 steps. However, slowly but sure, you will get there. 
*sending you lots of hug
Written by Helena Natasha.

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