Nailing That Instant Photo

Get in the frame, girls. These tricks will  take your shots to another level. 


1. Sunny shades up.

“I usually stand near windows to get good lightning. Or go outside,” disses Kylie Jenner. Sunlight would make your skin glow and make your hair shiny.


2. Show only your left side.

We’re not kidding. According to science, the left side is more attractive than the right. No wonder Ariana Grande is obsessed with it.

Ariana Grande Selfie Instagram


3. Get loose. Like, really loose.

Not candid pretense we are all guilty of. “You can’t totally plan it out,” said Kendall Jenner. Her most liked picture (which had more likes than Kimye wedding shots) was the result of her messing around with her girls: Kylie, Gigi and Bella Hadid, and Hailey Baldwin.

Kylie Jenner Blur

Kendall Jenner Plane Instagram

Selena Gomez Instagram

Kendall Jenner Instagram Balmain


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Prynt 2


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Written by Helena Natasha

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