Perfect Your Posture

It perfects the way clothes hang on your body and makes us feel tall that we begin to view ourselves differently, which eventually impacts our success.

Yes, girls. It’s that important.

Here are 4 things you can do improve your posture:

8 minutes exercise

8 minutes of small movements. Expect to sweat since you push your body in positions you normally don’t do. This exercise opens your chest up, keep you from slouching, while strengthening and toning your upper body.

10 minutes yoga

These yoga moves teach your body to make the perfect posture as your default posture. The routine also includes moments to memorize how it feels for your body.

Put this on your agenda: on week one, do this every day. As the week goes by, you don’t need to do this every day--only a couple of times to maintain the posture.

Do it like Victoria Secret Angels

Lily Aldridge advised, “be confident, be proud, chest up, pretend you have wings.”

Adriana Lima also said that having the perfect posture is all about what you wear and how it makes you feel. Speaking of clothes, we’ve designed selfie worthy workout outfit for you. See them here.

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Change your desk. Stand up while working

We’re not kidding. Not only improving your posture, working with standing desk makes you more productive. Click here to see the right way to set up a DIY standing desk.

standing desk


P.S. Need a new workout outfit? Window-shop here.

Written by Helena Natasha

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