Rainy Days Playlist, Book and Everything Warm About It

“There is something warm about the rain,” About You by The Jesus and Mary Chain

As much as we love sunny days, rainy days still hold a place in our hearts.

How can we not long for rainy days? The grey sky would come first, skin-tickling sprinkles would follow soon. Cue in the bassy thunder. The rain would sing back the soprano. How relaxing.

Rain is a guilt-free excuse to cancel, stay in and unwind between busy days. Here are a list of things to complete our rainy days:


Tea: plenty types to choose from. Warm chamomile is our personal favorite as the tea’s healing properties to help us bear our oncoming period pain. A little tip: stay away from rose tea. The one we drank tasted like Chanel perfumes. Yuck.


Book: Stories for Rainy Days by Naela Ali

The love, live and random stories add a degree of warmth in our quilt. The book also comes with Japanese influenced illustrations and song suggestions to enhance the deep chill vibe.

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 2.23.29 PM

Long socks and long cardigans for cuddle comfort. Wearstatuquo's cardi is a treat.

Movie-- The Notebook for its famous kissing in the rain scene.

Playlist: a lot of acoustics and a sprinkle of electronic


and when you are done, you can take that rain nap we've always love.

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