Saving Up For Lazy Girls

Ever wonder where all your money went?


Don’t worry. We’re not gonna make you track all your spending because it’s too much work when we forget one or two little things then fuss over why our note and our savings say a different number. If you love numbers, be our guest. Fuss all you want, track all you want with these apps.


We don’t have time for that, babe. Here’s for all the lazy girls:


Set a limit. How much do you make in a month? Divide it by 31 days and now you know how much you get in a day. Ok, bear with me for a couple more seconds. This is super important. Then, set your daily budget for transport, food, and misc (in case that dresses you’re eyeing are on sale). It should be way less than what you get in a day. For example, your daily budget should be no more than IDR 200k if your daily income is IDR 350k. You shouldn’t spend more than IDR 200k per day. However, if yesterday you spend only IDR 50k and today you see that dress on SALE for IDR 225k, you may add up that IDR 200k from yesterday with today’s budget to buy that dress. Make sense?


Separate your spending and savings bank account.


Put your credit card in mom’s freezer. LOL. We’re joking. Not really. Our point is: make extra non-budgeted spending hard for you. You may leave your credit card and your savings debit card at home. Don’t take them everywhere you go.


Drink a glass of water right after you wake up. Thank us later when you no longer crave multiple snacks in the afternoon. No snack = no extra spending.


Written by Helena Natasha.

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