Shopping Solves This Problem

Every 2 hours, 1 innocent Indonesian girl is forced away from home and sold for sex (likely by her parents). That makes 150,000 Indonesian girls per year.


Talking like this, it might seem that we blab out random statistics. Girls, it’s worse than it sounds. 150,000 girls experienced the same nightmare. And the number grows since the system turns more sophisticated.


We can’t imagine how hard it is to be in their shoes--being touched against their wishes several times a day. On bad days, the rapes turn more violent. Then, they have to wake up every single day and put on a smile.


That, my dolls, is strength.


No matter how strong these girls are, we’d love to give the girls some support. It feels so good to know: we’re taking a part in changing their lives. Give them happy endings. That makes our month.


This November, 10% of our sales goes to Rumah Faye. This non-profit prevents this nightmare from happening again by educating safe sex to girls at orphanages, helping the trapped girls escape, heals the survivors via 100 rehab days and ensuring them to have the skills and jobs to move on.


Your donations this November will specifically help the survivor to dream again. Before you came, given their harsh situations, the girls didn’t even dare to dream to do simple things, like swimming, painting, writing, designing clothes, etc. With you, they are given the choice to dream and realize it.


Let’s click our heels and support the girls together. Nothing feels better than giving (and shopping).


Look good. Do good. Feel good.



Written by Helena Natasha

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