These Snacks Won't Make You Feel Guilty

Raise your hands if you (sometimes) still feel guilty about all those foods you binge-eat during Lunar New Year and Valentine's day.
We do too. We are fed up with eating. 
Once or twice (okay, more than twice), we're bored and we wish for a light guilt-free snack. We long for something fun to munch.
We did a little digging and came out with a list of healthy (but not boring) snacks. Everything here is filled with fiber, which helps our digestion and makes us feel less hungry. We'll definitely eat less.    
However, keep in mind that eating too much of everything is still unhealthy. No food, no matter how healthy it seemed, is good for binge eating. 
Here it goes:
The budget-friendly snack. Find lots of them in the nearest supermarket. 
This one contains very little calories. This one can be found in supermarkets. 
Not only rich in fiber, edamame is also packed with antioxidant kaempferol, which has been shown to cause weight loss and lower blood sugar in studies. Just ask your mom to buy some on her next trip to the modern market. Preparing it is easy. Boil them in salted water for 5 minutes, rinse, pour cold water over it, and it's ready to eat.  
Chia Pudding
This sounds expensive, but it's worth it. Its jelly-like, crunchy-inside consistency is fun. It's super easy to follow this fail-proof recipe. Check it out:
Written by Helena Natasha.

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