What Is Personal Branding

Imagine if you don't have to send a lot of CVs. You won't spend your days waiting to be called for job interviews.


You don't have to play a mental hunger-games with that girl with 3.9 GPA and plenty of organizational experiences. In fact, you have little to no competition as your potential employers/clients have their eyes on you.


They're the ones who approach you first. They "need you more", which means you can negotiate for higher rate/salary.


You get to choose whichever job you want without applying for any job.


That's what personal branding does to your life.


In fact, this is obligatory if you sell yourself or your services, for instance: entrepreneurs, designers, writers, photographers, marketers, etc.


Think about this. If your Instagram is a mess, who would trust you to handle his/her brand's social media to you? If your pictures aren't stunning, who would trust you to take their pre-wedding pictures? If you can't market yourself, who would trust you with his/her company's marketing?




How shall we start?


Start with what you have.


First, ask yourself, "What kind of job do I really want? How do I get it"


Let's face it, no one knows 100% what they really want. (Nevermind jobs, ordering food is hard enough. Haha.)


Now is the time to use your investigative social media skill (read: stalking skill). Instead of stalking your ex, stalk the people who already made it and find out how they did it.  Once you find the one thing you can see yourself doing for years, congrats! Treat yourself to your favorite thing as the real work is about to begin.


Next, look credible. Dress the job you want. Oh, and learn to take a picture and write properly. Don't say you can't take pictures and write. It's something you can learn. The easiest thing is to follow photographers (and influencers) and learn everything about their pictures (from how they pose to how they style their pictures) and their captions. Going extra miles is all it takes. I'm not saying you have to post OOTD every day (unless you wish to be a fashion blogger, then yes).


The main thing to share is the work you wish you have. It could be a past project. If you don't have that kind of work yet, then it's a good excuse to do a personal project. It doesn't have to be with a real client. When you're starting out, a sample of your work is enough.   


Keep doing what you love and sharing. Make it your habit, but don't be annoying. Be natural, as if you're talking to a friend.


The most important thing is: be your (credible) self. 


You may ask, "Does it means no #foodporn/ #selfie anymore?"


Once in a while, it's ok. It'll make you seem like a real human being, not an unapproachable brand.


Looks like someone's getting a new job soon. ;)


Written by Helena Natasha

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