What To Watch During Social Distancing

As we ran out of things to watch on Netflix, we're starting to watch things that fall in post-apocalyptic genre. We’re not surprised they’re pretty good (as we heard good things about them). We’re surprised that we can relate to the movies/series. 


(Honestly,  before this pandemic happened, we didn’t think we would experience anything this post-apocalyptic. It’s bizarre.)


We’re not saying it’s the same. Of course, the movies depict the worst extremes. The worst scenarios that we hope would never happen. 


What if…..



…it happened a long time ago.


A Netflix Original

2 seasons (6 episodes each season), season 3 is confirmed

An outbreak (and rumors) spread in ancient Korea. By ancient, we meant the period in which kings and queens still reign. Sure, it involves politics, but it won’t bore you to death. 

What we love about it is seeing the reactions of the people. They are so spot on (we couldn’t spill it here because we don’t want to spoil it to you). 

Also, the plot’s not too predictable. We couldn’t predict what the characters would do. Some episodes are so intense that they keep you on the edge of your seats. 




…you’re going somewhere in the middle of the outbreak.


A Korean Movie

A father and a daughter taking a train to Busan to visit the mom, but they’re trapped in a Zombie outbreak. 

We love how they balance the intense chase with the heartwarming moments. It’s part thriller, part drama. Not cheesy at all. (Also, our graphic designer loves the videography.) 

People are loving it very much that they’re making a sequel, coming this 2020. The story would center about the survivors, 4 years after the outbreak. 



…you can see how everyone react to a similar scenario in the near past.


An HBO Original Mini-series

1 season, 5 episodes 

It’s a historical drama tragedy about a nuclear plant explosion in 1986 Russia. The whole miniseries tell us the behind the scenes stories from the key people.

We can assure you, it’s not an ordinary documentary. It won’t bore you with facts. You’d be so immersed in the storytelling like we did. 

Sure, it’s not 100% true story. Some things are dramatized. Plus, in interviews, survivors of the incident said that the portrayal of the characters are not accurate. However, the reactions of the people and the government are similar to this COVID pandemic. 

The miniseries won many awards, including a Golden Globe for the best Miniseries or Television Film. 


Written by Helena Natasha.

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