Which Hair Color Suits You?

Are you thinking of changing your hair color? Well, we do. But we’re not sure. Just because the colors look pretty on someone else, it doesn’t mean it’ll suit us. So, we did a little research about it.


Almost everyone on Google said different things. However, after a while, we found a couple legit bits of advice and we wanna share them with you. We hope these will help:


Whatever color you want, you can have it...

as long as the shade goes with your skin tone, according to beauty Youtuber Ellebangs.

First, you’d have to decide which skin tone you have. Is it warm or is cool? (Look at 7:06) Look at your veins on the inside part of your hand. “If you come up pretty blue, then you’re a cool tone. If your veins look a little bit more greenish and your skin almost a yellow, then you’re warm.”

If your skin tone is warm, gold hair makes your face glow. Ashy hair looks better on you if you have a cool skin tone. For more detailed explanation, watch the video:



Look around and start deciding your new shade

If you’re still confused, take Garnier’s little test. It asks for your natural hair color and the look you want before suggesting the hair color you would probably want.

For more #hairgoals inspiration, browse Pinterest and this Instagram feed by an NYC hair stylist.  

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Written by Helena Natasha.

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