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your friend feels like their job is too hard:

You can do it, babe. If someone from the bottom of the lowest caste system just won India’s presidential election, you can do anything too. It’s a very big deal for India, even though it’s 2017 and the caste discrimination has been lifted by law. The society still thinks of the caste system. If you’re an Indian, there’s a good chance your last name indicates your caste. So, it’s amazing, really, kind of like hearing a smart peasant suddenly be raised as a king.


someone from high school tries to sell you fur: 

Are you kidding me? That’s cruel. Besides, using a part animal, even for traditional medicine, is an absolute no. Take notes from Vietnam. Vietnam just rescued more than 1000 bears from getting their bile extracted in painful ways for medicinal purposes. It’s the first step to end this “bear bile farming” in Vietnam.

WN- smoke

you try to stop someone from smoking:

1 in 10 deaths in the world is caused by tobacco, according to WHO’s latest report. If smoking doesn’t kill you yet, it makes you less productive and less healthy too. It costs the world more than $1.4 trillion for health care only.



a fuckboy found your private picture on your phone, published it to his Instagram, and a lot of people judge you:

Khulood, a model, understands. She was arrested by Saudi’s religious police because her snap chat account showed her video of walking down a Saudi historic site wearing a high-waisted miniskirt and a tight top. Her long hair was also uncovered. This sounds like our staple outfit but conservative Saudi citizens insisted that she broke the law. When asked, the model said the video’s uploaded without her knowing about it. Thankfully, she was released without charge and the case is now closed.


when your friend takes a joke too seriously: 

You’re overreacting, just like the Chinese President Xi Jinping. Lately, a lot of internet trolls compared him to Winnie the Pooh, because he is lovable but he’s not in the smart department. So, China banned everything Winnie the Pooh. They even blocked Winnie the Pooh stickers on WeChat.

Written by Helena Natasha.

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