Your Other Horoscopes

We're all familiar at how flirty Geminis can be, how "home-girl"ish Cancers can be, and how b*tchy Scorpios can be (just kidding, Scorpios). Also, we kind of know how these zodiacs matchup (the details are here) and how it also affects our pets.


Now, it's time to expand our horizon. Let's get to know other horoscopes!

Egyptian Horoscope

Ancient Egyptians judged people by matching their birthdates to their gods and goddesses' characteristics. We didn't know how they did it, because one zodiac can range into 3 periods a year.


Find out your Egyptian horoscope here.

Chinese Zodiac

If there's Chinese ancestry on your blood, there's a good chance your grandma/grandpa talks to you about Chinese zodiac. If not, here's a shorter version: your Chinese zodiac primarily depends on your birth year.


Discover your Chinese zodiac here.


This one is scarily accurate. Based on your birthdate, numerology predicts who you are right now and your specific characteristics you'll have in your lifetime.


Enter your birthdate and find out your number here.


Written by Helena Natasha.

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