5 light movies that will make you love life


Between all the daily hassles, we are often left energy-drained that no makeup can cover the exhaustion in our faces. Not to mention, when we look in the mirror, we secretly think that we look older than our age :(  

These movies are for the time like this.

Turn on your AC. Cover yourself with thick sheets. Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate. Stream these movies:

La La Land


Besides watching Ryan Gosling for 2 hours, Emma Stone would remind us to keep chasing our dreams despite the costs.




“How much wrong would you do for love?” Jennifer Lawrence partly answers it by getting on a malfunctioned spaceship to the next Earth.


The Devil Wears Prada


Oh, your personal life is falling apart? That’s when you’re starting to do well at your to-die-for job. Get your work-life balance back, girl.




How much are you willing to sacrifice for fame? This movie shows how far things are (un)acceptable in the 20's. (Hint: very far)



Finding Dory


When was the last time you spend time with your parents? Watch Dory finds her way back to her family.



Written by Helena Natasha