A Message From Your Future Self

Hey girl,


I remember how off you feel right now. Your plans, big and small, had to be delayed due to the pandemic. It's already been a year, you kinda get a hold of how things run, but you have to work 3 times harder than you used to. You want to escape. Never mind Paris or Santorini, Bogor will do. Anywhere besides the supermarket. 


I hate to break it to you, but it's going to take another while. Hold on.


It sucks but I found out about the things that made me feel better. I wish I found out about these sooner. 


Call your best friend, catch up! You'd feel better afterward. If she's not available, you can always come back to journaling. Writing might be the last thing on your mind right now. However, writing things down untangle a lot of things in your head. No more staying up all night thinking. Your mind needs rest and your skin needs a beauty sleep. 


It seems impossible, but schedule a me-time once a day for the sake of your sanity. Watch some comedy on Netflix, take an online class, retake this personality test, get your DNA tested, and do the things you've always wanted to do for a long time. That way, you'd always find something to look forward to. A time to rest, grow, and reclaim your sense of self beneath all these insanities.  


—still hang up on traveling, aren't you?  You might not travel far, but you'd get to breathe a little this Ramadhan. If you're planning a little getaway, DRESS UP, YOU DESERVE IT. If you're staying in, get out of that t-shirt you wear all the time, wear this comfy set. (Thank me later.)


In short, keep in touch with yourself. 


Take care.




P.S. This social distancing distancing club started kit is so cool. 

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