10 Addictions This August

2 national holidays this month! So excited!


From weekday fun to getaway blast, we know just what to do.


Here's a little list to make your August more fun:

Hearing good news from upcoming series


Have you heard? We'll have more shirtless Archies in Riverdale, Salem the cat in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and drama queen Lindsay Lohan in an MTV reality show. We just can't wait.

Seeing memes over wedding pics


Now that we're walking into August (AKA ghost month), we're on a break from the wedding season. Off-wedding-weekends doesn't mean less wedding pictures and announcements on Instagram and Facebook. Is it just us or it seems like everyone from Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, to that girl from high school we talked to twice are either announcing engagements or posting wedding pictures.

It's beautiful at first, but it gets boring on the 30th post. So, yeah, for the sake of fun variety, here are some great meme accounts to follow: mytherapistsays, beigecardigans, bedtime, classicalfuck, and betches.

Going back and forth to the movie theater


Premiere date: August 3rd


Premiere date: August 15th

Premiere date: August 17th (on Netflix, not the movie theater)

Airbnb Hunting


If you're into last minute bookings (we're guilty of this too), we're sorry to inform you that the good ones are taken. Book these Airbnbs for your next Bali vacay!


Click here to see more of the bamboo house.



Click here to see more of the aesthetically-pleasing paddy field-overlooking villa.




Click here to sleep under the stars.

Packing bikinis, monokinis, jumpsuits, and sundresses


More bikinis and monokinis here.



More jumpsuits here.



More dresses here.

Pressing the repeat button


Fun drinking games


In case you've uncovered everyone's dirty secret from Never Have I Ever, here's more drinking games.

Slurping fruit juices (no sugar pls)


We drink it as a way of saying sorry to our body after those drinking games.

Cute freckles makeup


Avoiding sunburn


We'd like to apply sunscreen multiple times a day! However, sometimes we forget. In case of sunburn, we cook oatmeal with water, wait for it until it's cool, then apply it to the skin for 30 mins before rinsing it with cold water. It feels better afterward.



Written by Helena Natasha.

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