10 New Addictions to Try

Remember that time when you try to sleep at 11? Tucking yourself between sheets, looking up your phone, chatting, scrolling Instagram feed, watching youtube, then suddenly it’s 3 AM.


That’s how we feel right now, only with the whole year. 1 month left until the end of the year! We can’t believe it either. Where did the time run?


To make the most of our 2016, we have gathered a list of fun things to do. Enjoy.   


1. Candy cane cat-eye craze

It’s not even December yet. But we’re dying to feel the holiday vibes. So, we draw candy cane cat eyes for fun. To get the look, wing the white eyeliner first, let it dry. Then, add the stripe details using your red eyeliner. Good times.


2. Workshop-hopping weekend

Do something new (and creatively fun) this weekend. We have a list of workshops you'd love to try here.

Ganara Artspace Kemang


3. Stopping post-election hate

Since Trump becomes the president-elect, racist actions have been happening at America, the country where (supposedly) rights and freedoms are valued. We kept hearing things like guys pulling off hijabs right off a Muslim girls’ head, white children chanting build the wall to their minority classmates and more. Horrible. So, girls. Stop sharing the negative news/video. The more viral the hate gets, the more horrible people gets inspired to act.  


4. Finding the Fantastic Beast

After a long wait, Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them finally hits the theater. We can't wait to watch.  


5. Opening umbrellas and shopping sweaters

The rain is pouring oceans like it's just getting dumped. The weather forecast said we won’t be folding umbrellas anytime soon. We hope not to wake up in flood, like our friends in Bandung, whose mayor is so pissed right now.


6. Playlist

Any rainy day is not perfect without a good playlist. Too many sad songs identify with rains. Depressing. We found a playlist that is far from frowns. It’s meant for mornings, but we listened to it during a thunderstorm and we’re hooked! Have a listen:


7. Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl


8. Holiday planning

Where will you escape to this year end? Have you decided? We kept scrolling the Instagram feeds of Emilie Ristevski, Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen for inspiration.






9. Fluffy Hosico cat



10. Try poetries

Poetry is one of the simple life pleasures. If you’re into love stories, try reading Lang Leav. If you 100% support women empowerment and Beyonce, try reading Rupi Kaur. If you’re okay with erotic subtleties, try reading Michael Faudet. If you fancy getting a poetry written based on your real life character, try Helena Natasha.

lang leav

michael faudet



Written by Helena Natasha

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