10 November Addictons

Do you still remember your NY resolutions? LOL. Neither do we.


Truth be told, we remember. We achieved some, actually. But then, on February, when we’re thinking about the other resolutions, we felt tired, then we watched some series, went on a 4-day trip to Bali, and the next thing we knew, it’s November already. It’s almost the end of the year.


We refuse to give up just because Beyonce is our spirit animal (plus we need extra cash to splurge on December).


Ok, so, this month, we are focusing on giving our best shot before December (who can work properly with all the December holiday vibes? If you raised your hand, you’re lying. Haha)

Cafe vibe without going to cafes.

We often trick ourselves to work by wearing nice day dresses and going to a cafe bringing only our laptops. Instead of the driving over Jakarta traffic, we thought why not bring the cafe to ourselves. So, we put on our headsets and listen to this cafe ambience.

Leveling up.

There’s something about learning a new skill that makes us feel powerful and happy.

Trying another fun work out.

We’re following dance tutorials on Youtube. This counts as sport, right?

Drinking lemon, honey, warm water every morning. #detox

Trust us, your body will thank you.

Upping caffeine shots when we run out of lemons.

It’s less healthy but it keeps us hyperactive for work.

Searching travel inspirations 

for December via Instagram.







Wearing the it rattan bags.

It feels so Bali.




Weekend sleepovers with our girls.

We’re drained from the workdays, so late brunching and doing nothing are our things right now.

Go-food foods.

We know we’re going to splurge like crazy in December, so we’re saving up from now. We’re staying home and munching delicious budget foods we ordered from online drivers. Try Fish Streat (fish and chips), KFC (try winger menu), and Bu Kris.



Binging Stranger Things before bed.

The new season is on. It’s so addictive and it only has around 8 episodes. So, no big commitment needed. You can finish it in a day.


Season 1:


Season 2:



Written by Helena Natasha.

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