10 September Addictions

We tried (and will still try) so many new little things that we’re leaving this September feeling inspired and refreshed, and mostly empowered. 


This month is all about girl power.


Come have a taste:



Trying this Instastory trick

This really makes all the difference when we share a post/ other Instastories we’re mentioned in. Have you tried this before? 


Watching the newest season of 13 Reasons Why

Okay, this is not our idea of fun. In fact, we have to mentally prepare ourselves before watching this. This series deal with serious issues without sugar-coating anything. In other words, it feels kinda depressing. Despite the somber mood and low Rotten Tomato score, we think it’s still worth to watch (once is enough, thank you) due to the issues and the murder mystery.  


Listening to Taylor Swift’s newest album 

We can relate to every single song. The lyric feels honest AF, like something we would spill only to our inner circle.  


Finding out about Facebook dating

We heard we can list our secret crushes (from our Facebook friends and Instagram). Facebook will only notify only if he adds us to his secret crush list. Maybe this will spark up something from someone you went to high school with. 

Another feature we found interesting: you can scout who’s coming to an event you RSVP in before coming to the event. 

Also, you can choose to share your live location to your friends and your mom when you’re going on a date. This one’s a game-changer. 



Stuck on repeat: this Charlie’s Angels soundtrack

You know, it’s that kind of song.

The first time we hear it, we think it’s kinda “meh” and overhyped. The eleventh time we hear it, we remember all the lyrics. Now, we’re starting to love it. We hope we won’t get tired hearing it soon because they’re playing this song everywhere.





Watching The Hustle

Whoever thought to pair Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson for a comedy is a genius. The way they act & deliver their lines are so hilarious. Watching this, we had a really great laugh. 

Watch the trailer here:



Watching Mr Sandman Cat challenge

Basically fluffy cats dancing to a vintage number. Such a mood booster. 



Loving this Instagram account: @OverheardBeauty

Aside from the funny conversations they feature on their feed, we learn alot about skincare from their Instastory contents. According to us, this account is one of the best Instagram accounts. 



Gandaria City Boba Festival

Yep, you’re not dreaming. The best of the best boba brands are going to gather in this heaven on earth called the boba festival. These it-brands will be joining: Tiger Sugar, OneZo, and Xing Fu Tang, along with Malaysian boba Daboda (not opened any outlet in Jakarta yet). We don’t know about you, but we’ll definitely come. The deetz: Gandaria City Mall, 25-29 September.  



Getting a new outer

Sweater weather is almost here. 




Browse more outers here

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