Girlcrush: Lara

We’ve been following Lara Kamnik on Instagram for quite a while now. Basically, she has been to a lot of places (from Mexico, Turkey, to, like, everywhere) and all her travel pictures are #goals. In some pictures, her boyfriend was there too.


Despite all the Instagram algorithm dramas (meaning, it’s totally challenging to work with social media--ask your friends who work in digital marketing), her career as a travel blogger seemed to grow steadily.


We are so amazed and curious about how she built all this, so we had a little girl talk with Lara about traveling, travel-blogging, and working with her boyfriend.


Here it went:


What’s on your travel list?

Hong Kong, Philippines & Myanmar!


According to you, which country has the most delicious foods?

Bali! I'm talking cocktails served in coconuts (covered in umbrellas en flowers) so sweet they leave you with your teeth sticking together and a tongue bright smurf blue. Next to the drunken coconut on the table: endless choice of organic food, or if you prefer, mountains of piping hot fried rice. Yeah, Bali food amazed me many times.



Which country has the best view?

We are currently in Hong Kong and I really have to say that any future country is gonna have to try REAL hard to beat this city's skyline (note: best world's view (so far) discovered: Suicide Cliff).



3 places we all need to see before we die?

You know how there are some places you've never been to before but they are already your favs? Like Hawaii & French Polynesia. They are my life goals and I think they should be on everyone's list. The third one would be Cappadocia, Turkey, of course!



Which countries you'd love to come back to? Why?

Bali, because the vibes are positive, food is amazing and the weather is always good. It has it all. Same goes for summers in Greece.



If you have to choose to live in one place for the rest of your life, where would you choose?

Haven't thought this one through yet. So far we are based in Slovenia and we are planning to stay here, until further notice at least, hehe.


Have you ever traveled solo? Can you share some tips for girls who are thinking of solo-traveling but never have the courage?

I used to be a flight attendant. I wouldn't really call that a solo traveling, but I found myself solo in cities I knew nothing about multiple times. As happens, I am 180 cm tall, guessing that's why I never feared anyone - maybe a little bit naive when I think about it twice.

My thoughts aside, no. 1 tip if you are a first-time solo-travelista would be to visit a country that is tourists-friendly and easy to explore, at first. Like UK, Greece or Spain. It's a good start and you can take it from there. Definitely make a good planning ahead and avoid night times on the streets you don't know.



How did you kick-start your travel blogging career?

Work, save, travel, rinse, repeat. Not an easy task to do. Basically, write down your goals and find ways to make them happen, explore and learn endlessly and never give up. It's a though, long work, but it's the best job you could ever have.



You're running a really cool travel blog together with your boyfriend. Do you have any tips on working together with significant other?

We are lucky because we complement each other perfectly and are both stubborn in different essential components of our work. For example, Uroš (@your_passage) obsesses about post-processing, and I am the one complicating more about the composition and shooting process.

We both have different strengths /weaknesses /interests in the same field and we allow each other to be the boss of our own areas. For example, While I am typing out a blog, he edits our photos.

So, mainly, it’s knowing that our business goes far only because of what we are able to create and achieve together.

Basically, it’s all about the teamwork and knowing that the opportunities that we are

able to achieve it's only because we work together.



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I love the natural tones and hues, jumpsuits and dresses with open backs. One of my favs is Vintage Fleur Dress.

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Written by Helena Natasha

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