10 Addictions This April

We can’t stop doing these fun things.


Here’s the list:

(Don’t blame us if you won't stop too.)



We just found out we can watch Coachella live on Youtube (here’s the link). The full live lineup is not confirmed yet. So far, The Weeknd, Vance Joy, Odesza, and more have confirmed! Hopefully, Beyonce will say yes too.

The playing dates: 13-15 April & 20-22 April. Yes, that’s 2 weekends (more reason to weekend day ins).

In the meantime, let’s hear the playlist:


Sleepover nights

Glasses of wine. Girl to girl talk. Midnight food delivery. Matching pajamas. Selfies.



Binge watching Stranger Things

We’re pretty hyped up, thanks to this Universal Studio announcement. Their Halloween Horror Nights theme is going to be Stranger Things. Omg. We’re totally going to visit Upside Down this Halloween! Watch their teaser here:


Feeling so good about our hair

We knew there is something fishy about hair product commercials. No hair can be that perfect. This video shows us some of the tricks:


Seeing cute engagement pictures

This one is epic:



Making it last with bae

Are you in a relationship? These tips from a relationship expert are so legit. Skim here.


Checking out the newest zodiac

Have you heard? They discovered the 13th zodiac. That discovery pretty much shifted the zodiac we knew. Our Aries friends are now having an identity crisis because now they’re Taurus. Maybe your zodiac changed too. Check the dates here.


Getting artsy

Workshops, anyone? Details here.




Making chia puddings

This one looks and tastes so good:


Watching kids react to foods

So hilarious.

Written by Helena Natasha.

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