10 Addictions You’d Love This September

Hey, everyone!


We’re hitting the first “-ber” month. Time flies, huh? Before we knew it, we’re almost reaching the end of the year. Let’s make the most of this month.


We found 10 things that will make you enjoy your September more. Here you go:

Switching bubble bath for this fruity bath

It smells really good!


Check out other bath time tricks here.



Listening to Taylor Swift

The first time we watch Look What You Made Me Do’s video clip, all we think was how much Taylor want to change her image. It’s cringy. The second time was as just cringy. The third time? We sang along because it’s terribly catchy.

A couple days later, she released a second song: Ready for It. We love it! We want to hear the rest of the album but we have to wait until November.  


Re-building bikini body

If we can get both the body and the happy chemicals from exercise, then why not? We try to follow how certified fitness trainer Sami B build her body.



Obsessing over Croatia and Iceland

..because both have been visited by Jon Snow. Kidding. Just look how exotic the places look. No wonder Game of Thrones chose those places as their sets.



Cute makeups

Quill eyeliners? Dragon egg lipstick? YES PLEASE.





Having mermaids and unicorns for dessert

They look really cute and they’re available at Cafe Shirokuma.




Thinking of wearing crown

Should we buy this headphone? It costs USD 299.99 without the shipping fee. They can make another crown custom too (it’s handmade and it takes 3 hours making a crown).



Re-Watching the VMAs


Trying these makeup hacks

They’re time-saving!


Looking at pictures of Hosico Cat





Written by Helena Natasha.

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