#Girltalk: V-Day For Single Babes

Red roses on your desk. And it’s V-day.


One problem, who tf sent it? Could it be the boy you’ve been chatting with? But you thought he’s gay?


You see a card peeking behind the petals.


You open it, then tadaaa….


It’s for your co-worker! Not for you.


And that night, as you’re tapping through Instastories, you stumbled at that co-worker’s engagement announcement.


Yes, babe. We feel you. We’re sure there are millions of others who feel this way too.


Quote 1


That’s totally not our fault. They said girls are like Christmas trees. At 23, 24, 25, they’re so amazing. At 26, 27, and upwards, they’re put on discount.


(You’d understand this if you’re raised with an Asian culture. The pressure is so on.)


Our inner Beyonce kept singing all the single ladies all day long, but somewhere deep inside, we long to spend V-day with someone who loves us.


You’re not gonna like hearing this, but bear with us: the thing about a relationship is that we have to be okay with not having it.


You know that “feeling not right when alone” feeling? Even if you meet real-life Christian Grey, Troy Bolton, or even Dilan (1990), you’re still going to feel it.


A relationship can not make the feeling go away. Only you can.


This is where #selflove comes and save you!


Quote 2


It starts with speaking to yourself the way you speak to your squad. Treat yourself like you’re gorgeous and worthy of love because you are.  


Oh, and start dressing the way you wish too. That helps.


Anyway, in the spirit of #selflove, we’re having a giveaway: picking one of you babes for a full V-day makeover, starting from rose facial, a wardrobe of outfits you can choose for, makeup on the V-day, and more!


It’s exactly like in the movies, in which the babes help other babes reach their max gorgeous self!


Treat yourself. Try joining in just for fun.


Happy early Valentine!



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